1. Apparel: The weather in Semarang will be mostly sunny and humid. Even though we are not in the rainy season, I suggest that you bring umbrella and sunscreens with you.
  2. Personal medication: We recommend that participants bring their personal medication such as repellents and emergency medications.
  3. Electricity: The voltage in Indonesia is 220 V. We use two round prong plugs. The adaptor used is adaptor type B. Participants are suggested to bring their own travel adaptors and make sure that the electronic equipment and gadgets are compatible with the voltage and the electrical plugs and outlets.
  4. Pre-paid phone cards: Internet connection will be available in the conference venue or your hotel. If you use smartphones, you can also use Indonesian pre-paid phone cards. Most Indonesian pre-paid phone cards come with data. All pre-paid phone cards can work well in the location of the event in Semarang.
  5. Monetary policy: If you bring money bills and plan to exchange them into rupiah, we suggest that you bring crisp bills. For some unknown reason, crisp bills have higher exchange rates. The Indonesian Rupiah is the currency of Indonesia. The rupiahs’ currency code is IDR, and Rp. is the symbol of the currency. As of February 2019, 1 USD equals to IDR 13,915.65
    Central Bank:
    Central Bank of Republic of Indonesia
    Website: http://www.bi.go.id/web/en

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