Visa Information

Visitors to Indonesia must obtain a visa from one of the Indonesian diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries. All visitors must hold a passport valid for 6 months as well as a valid return ticket. Passport with validity of more than 3 months can be accepted in special cases or business travel. The immigration officer at the port of entry may ask the passenger to produce any necessary documents (such as hotel reservation and proof of finance).

Visa Exemption

Persons holding passports issued by the following 169 jurisdictions can visit Indonesia without a visa for 30 days. The permitted activities include tourism, family and social visits, art and cultural activities, official government duties, giving speeches, attending seminars or international exhibitions, conducting meetings with head office or representative office in Indonesia, or transit through Indonesia. Visitors utilizing the visa-free facility are not allowed to extend their stay, convert to other types of visas, or engage in activities not listed above (such as visits for business or journalism purposes). The visa-free facility does not apply to holders of emergency or temporary passports

Passport holders from all visa exempt countries can enter Indonesia through one of the 124 designated border crossings, including 29 airports, 88 seaports and 7 land border checkpoints.

Visa on Arrival

Nationals of 68 countries may apply for a Visa on Arrival for a length of stay of 30 days at designated entry points by paying US$35. Such visa may be extended once for another 30 days.


Passengers transiting through Soekarno-Hatta International Airport for less than 24 hours, or other airports for less than 8 hours, do not require a visa. However, those who are switching terminals in Soekarno-Hatta, or those transiting through Ngurah Rai International Airport require a visa unless they are from a visa-exempt jurisdiction.

Approval-requiring Nations

Nationals who want to get multiple entry visa or want to have visa extendable up to 5 times or Nationals who are not eligible for visa free entry or visa on arrival need to apply for a visa at an Indonesian embassy or consulate.

Nationals from 10 following countries require an approval from Immigration Office in Indonesia before travelling for Business, Tourist and Social Visits purposes (this policy is called Indonesian Calling Visa).